Golf Getaways: Three Flavors

Back down, baseball. Better step aside, football. Don't even bother, basketball. You're each fine sports in your own rights, but the mantel of "America's Game" must certainly go to golf. How else can you explain the over sixteen thousand golf courses dotting the coasts, planes, and hillsides of the United States of America? That's roughly half of all the courses in the world, and the number isn't getting smaller.

Have You Tried A Cabo San Lucas Villa - Maybe The Villa Al Fin Is Just Right For You

The Villa Al Fin in Los Cabos gives you a pure beach front los Cabos vacation. You stride out of the villa right onto the beach. And just to top it off you will have a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean.

Sleeping at the Villa Al Fin

You have 5 bedrooms so you have plenty room for family or guests. The Villa Al Fin has more than enough room to split the cost with friends on your Los Cabos vacation.