Los Cabos

Golf Getaways: Three Flavors

Back down, baseball. Better step aside, football. Don't even bother, basketball. You're each fine sports in your own rights, but the mantel of "America's Game" must certainly go to golf. How else can you explain the over sixteen thousand golf courses dotting the coasts, planes, and hillsides of the United States of America? That's roughly half of all the courses in the world, and the number isn't getting smaller.

Los Cabos - An Extraordinary Beauty

Los Cabos is the quickly becoming a top destination for tourists. Its location is unbelievable, where you would be able to find the desert and mountains combine with the azure waves of the Sea of Cortez. When you are in Mexico, you never have to worry about accommodation because there are numerous Grupo Mayan hotels in the country. The people working in the Grupo Mayan hotels and resorts are friendly and highly skilled. Listed below are the places that you should not dare miss while you are in Los Cabos: