A Mexican Beach Vacation Is The Perfect Budget Choice For Travelers

Not everyone can enjoy traveling to Europe, Africa or even within places in the United States as a lot of them can be really expensive. The good news is that you do not really have to spend a lot of money to enjoy one of the best vacations you have ever had. The neighbor to the south has been a tourist magnet for many years and though the perception is that now is not the time to visit Mexico that perception is based on assumptions that most of the time, are wrong. Here are some reasons to head south of the border for a budget vacation of a lifetime.

Not All Violent

It would be impossible to write about Mexico traveling without mentioning the violence that has affected the country in recent years. The fact is that some places in Mexico can be dangerous but with rare exceptions the violence is closest to the US border. Tourist towns have remained for the most part very safe with Acapulco being the exception to that rule. While you would be safe in Acapulco's resorts, the town itself has seen an increase in violence. Other beach and tourist towns however have remained very safe. People for example will tell you that they feel safer in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Escondido, Los Cabos and Tulum than they would in Miami Beach and for a much lower price.

Cheap Lodging

One of the best places to save money on your vacation to Mexico is in the lodging. If you are going to a resort town like Cancun, then it makes sense to make the reservation ahead of time to save money, but if you are going to a smaller beach town, then you may want to consider waiting to get to the destination to see some really good prices. You can get very nice accommodations in Puerto Escondido for example for around 35 dollars a night. Even Puerto Vallarta can have some surprisingly low prices in the off season. If you are traveling during the off season and to smaller beach towns you may want to try to negotiate the price of your room, though with such low prices you may not think it is necessary.

Cheap Food

Another way in which you save money while traveling in Mexico is with the food. You could get a meal for as little as two dollars and be very much satisfied. If you want to go to a restaurant you can get a meal for 10 dollars that you would pay 30-50 for in Europe or the United States. If you are thinking of having street food you could pay less than a dollar, but there is a rule of thumb for that. The more locals you see at a stand, the better the food will be. A good option is what is known as "Comida Corrida" which is served in traditional Mexican restaurants for 4-5 dollars and it gives you a full meal, drink and sometimes dessert.

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