Enjoy The Freedom Of A Cabo San Lucas Fishing Expedition

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Getting out on the ocean for a Los Cabos fishing cruise will help you unwind, and clear your mind. If you enjoy your fishing then you'll savor a fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas. You'll realize you're in the right place as soon as you enter the marina. There are fisherman all over the place, and plenty of companies to rent your boat from.

There's a boat for everyone for your Cabo San Lucas fishing cruise. You can select from a small two-man panga to 100 ft+ yachts. The yachts not only allow you the luxury of Baja fishing, but you can drink, eat and sleep in them as well. Fishing is Los Cabos's most popular sport, and you're taken care of while your enjoying yourself.

Most of the boats you can rent have some excellent equipment on them to help locate where the fish are swimming and feeding in the ocean. All the boats come with your very own captain to guide you to the best parts of the sea. They have been fishing the waters in Cabo san lucas for years, and they will assist you with everything you need. The captains are not just there to assist you in catching the marine life, they're in competition with the other captains so they have a hunger for you to catch as much marine life as you can.

If you're in no doubt that you're going to do some fishing in Cabo San Lucas before you arrive you can book your charters in advance online, or you can phone them up. Another option for is, wait until you're at the marina and ask some of the other fisherman which boats are catching the most fish at that time. A few fisherman prefer this approach because some of the Los Cabos fishing companies have more productive fishing trips if they know where to fish at that particular time.

If you're looking around the Marina though you probably will get approached by people claiming to know the waters. And they will try and convince you that they will give you a good day's fishing. Avoid these people as many fisherman on vacation have either not gone on any Cabo fishing trip after handing over their money, or it wasn't the fishing trip that was prearranged.

The nutrient rich waters around Los Cabos offer you a variety of marine life you can catch. The Sea Of Cortez is the planet's youngest sea which was created when the East Pacific Rise split the Baja Peninsula away from Mexico.

The variety of marine life you can catch during your Baja fishing trip include: Blue marlin, Sail fish, Yellow fin tuna and many more.

If you have never been Marlin fishing before it's an experience you'll want to have a go at again. Just to feel the power of one of these fish on the end of your fishing rod is unbelievable. Sometimes they can take an hour and a half to reel in. It's a million miles away from fishing at a river back in your hometown.

Your Cabo San Lucas fishing trip is going to be a great day out. Remember to take your sun block as the sun is on you all day in Los Cabos, and remember your camera to save those Cabo fishing memories.

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