Golf Getaways: Three Flavors

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Back down, baseball. Better step aside, football. Don't even bother, basketball. You're each fine sports in your own rights, but the mantel of "America's Game" must certainly go to golf. How else can you explain the over sixteen thousand golf courses dotting the coasts, planes, and hillsides of the United States of America? That's roughly half of all the courses in the world, and the number isn't getting smaller.

It's no wonder, really. Unlike football or basketball which are so dominated by their professional leagues in this country, golf still retains its deceptive "me too" allure. Anyone can play golf, and it doesn't always seem a stretch to think, "Just two more buckets on the range and I'll be ready for the big time!"

Thankfully, with such a wide audience of golfers from every background getting into the sport, golf resorts the world over are adapting to the changing market and becoming stronger for it. Some resorts, like the Mexico golf vacation resort Hilton Los Cabos, cater the experience to a specific audience, in this case luxury traveler, while others focus on well-rounded appeal like the massive Northern Michigan golf resort Shanty Creek Resorts. Here we'll look at three different "flavors" of golf resort: an affordable get-in/get-out resort, a come-one come-all resort for everybody, and finally a luxury resort. No matter your station, financial situation, or level of dedication to the game, you're sure to find the golf getaway of a lifetime at one of these excellent destinations. Links to the resort websites are provided.

Wyndham Canoa Ranch: An Arizona Golf Resort

Arizona golf vacations are hardly a new idea. In fact, the steady climate, gorgeous scenery, and wide open landscape has long made Arizona one of the golf capitals of the United States, and the roster of top-quality Arizona golf resorts has been growing steadily year after year. Among them, the Wyndham Canoa Ranch Resort really does it right by putting the level of trip squarely in the hands of the traveler and providing affordable rates for any occasion.

With two picturesque courses on-site, not to mention the wealth of other outdoor exploits around the Green Valley, you could easily make it a week-plus at Canoa Ranch with hardly a down moment, but one of this Tucson area hotel's best features is how well it caters to quick, get-in/get-out golf getaways. A broad selection of Arizona vacation packages includes the "Roadrunner Package", which offer a one-night stay for two people with one round of golf each in the morning. What better way to recharge your spirits after a hectic week at the office? You don't actually have to travel with anyone at all; the "Stay & Play Package" offers the same deal further discounted for a single guest.

The only downside is that with only one complimentary round, you'll have to choose between two remarkable courses: the Canoa Ranch or the Torres Blancas. You can't go wrong, but we recommend the Canoa Ranch. Strategic bunkering, swift elevation changes, and breathtaking views of Elephant Head Mountain and the Green Valley offer a rewarding game for amateurs up to the professional elite.

Shanty Creek Resorts: A Golf Resort in Northern Michigan

While other resorts may hone in on a particular business, the Shanty Creek Michigan golf resorts in Bellaire truly have something for everyone. With three interconnected resorts (or "villages"), four on-site Michigan golf courses, and dozens of extracurricular activities to boot, anyone from the high-class luxury traveler to the family vacationer stands to have a great time at Shanty Creek Resorts. Which Northern Michigan resort you choose is key.

Those looking for an upscale experience will benefit from the amply-appointed condo rentals of Cedar River Village. This rustic choice blends the homey comforts of a traditional ski lodge with luxury amenities including spa tubs, fireplaces and balconies in every room. Meanwhile, traveling families will appreciate the simpler and more affordable guestrooms of Summit Village. Whichever you choose, you'll have fair access to all four award-winning golf courses.

The immaculate Legend Golf Course of Summit Village was designed by the master Arnold Palmer and has been ranked "The Number One Resort Course in the Midwest" by readers of Golf Magazine. The Summit, Cedar River and Schuss Mountain courses also carry notable acclaim, ensuring that golf vacations in Northern Michigan always get more at the Shanty Creek Michigan resort.

Hilton Los Cabos: A Mexico Golf Vacation Resort

Like Arizona and Northern Michigan, Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos Corridor are renowned for the selection and quality of golf courses on offer. However, the location and overall prestige of the region does mean one thing: this is a luxury choice all the way. Soaring vistas, pristine beachfronts, umbrella drinks, spas – Mexico golf vacations offer much more than a round or two on the fairway. One of the best Cabo San Lucas resorts is surely the Hilton Los Cabos, a five-star destination through and through.

Before you even have a chance to hit the course, you'll be overwhelmed by the dazzling opulence of two on-site pools, five bold restaurants, tireless white-glove service, and the awe-striking views of the Mexican Baja. But don't get too distracted, lest you miss out on some of the best golfing in the world. While Hilton Los Cabos Resort does not have an on-site course, it provides effortless access to the best in the region. Cabo Del Sol, designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, is home to not one but two of the prestigious "Best 500 Holes in the World".

The Cabo Real Golf Club by Robert Trent Jones II will astound you with another gratifying game. This diverse course manages to wind its way through mountains, valleys, and beachfronts in the space of 18 quick holes. In the true fashion of only the finest Los Cabos hotels, the Hilton Los Cabos' golf concierge will gladly take the reigns for you and design a golf getaway to your exact specifications.

That's what you get when you travel big! There you have it! Three very different golf resorts with one thing in common: top-notch golf entertainment. Whether you're looking for a revitalizing weekend getaway at the Wyndham Canoa Ranch or a week-long luxury escape at Hilton Los Cabos, there's always another fantastic option for golf enthusiasts to get what they love and then some. We'll see you on the links.

By: Steven Mayo

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