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Los Cabos is one of four cities found in the beautiful Baja of Mexico. The Baja is a spectacular place because of its striking contrast of sea and desert. When going on Los Cabos golf vacations you can expect the days to be sunny and the evenings to be cool. In fact it is a perfect atmosphere for golf lovers everywhere.

In addition, Los Cabos offers you much more than just golf. This is good if you're taking the wife and kids with you. While you are out hitting the links, they can be diving and snorkeling in the Sea of the Cortez and watching whales swim in the Pacific Ocean. That is if you go between November and February. That's the time they come as close as 200 feet from the shoreline.

If you also enjoy fishing make sure to bring your pole and tackle box in addition to your golf clubs. This is because you can fish at Los Cabos all year round. The blue Marlins you can catch here are simply astounding. The bodies of water around you contain over 850 different species of aquatic life, from seals to dolphins and even hammerhead sharks.

When going on a golf vacation in Los Cabos, be sure to remember to bring your camera.

As far as golf itself is concerned, Los Cabos is the central community for the sport in Mexico. It has dependable weather, natural beauty and an ideal setting to carve up some of the best golf courses found on the North American continent.

For example, the San Jose golf course offers you a beautiful view of the ocean. Here, you can play the nine hole course as a warm-up before going out to play at the Palmilla Club De Golf. If you are a fan of Jack Nicklaus, make sure to go to the Jack Nicklaus signature course which has been open since 1992. This course offers you a beautiful view of the rustic nature found in Los Cabos.

Finally, I have saved the best for last -- the Jack Nicklaus Ocean course, found at Cabo Del Sol. Here you will find seven holes of pure magic, which has led Golf Magazine to call it one of the top 100 courses in the world. The locals often refer to it as the Pebble Beach on the Baja. What does Nicklaus himself think of it?

He has been quoted as saying that it is the best piece of golf property on the earth.

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